Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Massachusetts

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Massachusetts

The irony of addiction is that it typically begins as a result of a mental health disorder and that it manifests later on in its cycle as mental illness. For decades, recovery specialists were at a loss to fully understand the correlation between addiction and mental disorders, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. In recent years, however, tremendous progress has been made in the field of addiction recovery with emerging evidence that addiction and mental illness are co-occurring disorders and require holistic treatment for a full recovery. Baystate Recovery Center remains one of the most respected dual diagnosis treatment centers in Massachusetts for treating co-occurring illnesses.

Why Addiction May Not Be Your Fault

Have you completed a rehab program only to relapse shortly after? Instead of feeling guilty or ashamed about your relapse, you should feel proud that you’ve accomplished what many others have not been able to achieve. Rehab is hard work; without the right tools, patients in recovery may not reach their goals in recovery.

The majority of patients seeking rehab have an underlying mental health disorder that has gone undiagnosed, often for years or decades. It’s this mental illness that prevents patients from achieving long-term freedom from addiction. At Baystate Recovery Center, we don’t just treat addiction- we also focus on the initial cause of alcoholism or drug abuse. Dual diagnosis treatment is essential in reclaiming your life from addiction.

Why Dual Diagnosis Treatment Works

Drinking and drug abuse are coping mechanisms for patients living with mental illness, and while they only offer a temporary reprieve from the symptoms experienced, it’s most often enough to make patients return to addictive habits. In time, the addiction takes hold, with damaging effects. Since alcohol and drugs are highly addictive and harmful to mental and physical functions, they more often than not destroy the life of the addict.

Dual Diagnosis treatment treats the whole patient: body, mind, and spirit. By treating mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment gives the patient time to start healing from the addiction. With detox and intensive therapy, recovery is not only possible, but it’s achievable.

Why Choose Baystate Recovery Centers?

Our rehab is consistently rated as one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Massachusetts. If you’ve tried rehab and are yet to experience long-term recovery, we encourage you to get in touch with our staff today to learn more about how we treat addiction and accompanying mental health disorders. Your future is bright when you commit to one of our outpatient programs at BRC:

  • PHP, also called day treatment
  • IOP, or intensive outpatient programs
  • OP, or outpatient programs
  • Family Support Groups

Why wait another day to take back your life from the grip of addiction? Dual diagnosis treatment could help you turn your life around so that addiction is no longer something you have to live with day after day. Help is available right now when you connect with our team from Baystate Recovery Center. Call our helpline or chat live with someone on our website who can answer your questions and help you get into a good program.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Massachusetts
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Massachusetts
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