Iop Program Massachusetts

Iop Program Massachusetts

Check with Baystate Recovery Center when you’re seeking an IOP program in Massachusetts that will keep you on the safe track to reaching your recovery goals. Our IOP is flexible, designed to fit your busy schedule when you’re ready to make lasting changes in your life. Compare our IOP with other local intensive outpatient program treatment centers to see why we are the right choice for a successful recovery journey. Reach us 24-hours a day by calling 855-887-6237 if you have questions about our programs or wish to speak with one of our counselors about rehab.

3 Reasons To Choose Baystate Recovery Center For Rehab

1. Take a closer look at our IOP and you’ll find that it’s designed to fully meet your recovery needs without an overnight stay in rehab. IOP is a step-down program that is highly structured in order to keep you from losing interest in treatment or straying from your recovery goals. Group and individual therapy are available in our daytime IOP up to 5 times per week. Our unique program meets for 3 ½ hours and usually includes two or more sessions. You’ll find additional information in our ‘Programs’ section online.

2. At Baystate Recovery Centers, we’ve put together what is considered one of the best treatment center programs around. As an intensive outpatient rehab center, we recognize the importance of providing quality services to our clients. Once a client has placed their trust in us, we go the extra mile to ensure they receive the support, structure, and services needed to avoid a relapse and maintain forward momentum throughout recovery.

Our reputation as a quality drug and alcohol rehab center is based on our history of successfully treating addiction using the newest, safest protocols in therapy and treatment. Along with our IOP program in Massachusetts, we provide PHP and outpatient treatment in a safe environment.

3. We believe 12-step treatment is still the most effective way of treating alcohol and drug addiction. We’ve incorporated the 12 steps and clinical treatments into our recovery programs because we know the positive effects both have in the lives of our clients. Our therapists practice the 12 step philosophy integrated with certain clinical protocols to provide compassionate, custom-tailored care to patients who feel hopeless to overcome addiction.

Every addiction is treatable when a patient is motivated to get help and make changes for the better. Our personalized treatment program at Baystate Recovery Center includes all of the following:

  • Cognitive & Dislecticall Behavioral Therapies
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Stress management
  • Model of Addiction
  • Group Support
  • Recovery Skills
  • And so much more!

Before you choose an IOP program in Massachusetts, make a call to our helpline or use our Web chat to get connected with a recovery specialist who can verify your insurance benefits and answer your questions about rehab. We want to make sure you have access to quality recovery programs before it’s too late. Don’t wait- same-day admission is available if you need help for an addiction right now.

Iop Program Massachusetts
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Iop Program Massachusetts
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