Partial Hospitalization Program Ma

Partial Hospitalization Program Ma

PHPs or partial hospitalization programs offer a high level of care while giving you greater independence than residential programs. You’ll be able to receive treatment during the day and return home once your treatment sessions are over. Whether it’s the first time you’re seeking addiction treatment or need a step-down treatment from a residential program, our partial hospitalization program in MA can be a suitable option for you. At Baystate Recovery Center, we offer world-class, personalized PHP programs to free you from the chains of addiction.

Benefits of PHP

Partial hospitalization programs come with plenty of advantages, including:

Intensive Care

A PHP program is an ideal level of care after completing your inpatient treatment. It's also the perfect in-between if you can't attend a residential rehab due to financial reasons. By having regular treatment sessions with your care team, you can receive enough structure and support to stay on your recovery journey and attain lasting sobriety.

PHPs have similar types of intensive care as residential programs. You’ll have access to:

  • Medical management
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Addiction education for loved ones
  • Relapse prevention


PHP provides convenience and a high level of support at the same time. If attending a residential program is not an option for you because of work, school, or other obligations, PHP can provide the perfect solution. Some programs offer weekend and evening hours to help accommodate your schedule. That way, you can keep your everyday routine in place and still receive the treatment you need to live a sober life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder is when you have a substance use disorder and mental health disorder at the same time. Co-occurring disorders need more complex treatment as each condition affects the other. Many partial hospitalization programs offer dual diagnosis treatment to ensure the most successful recovery outcomes.

Ideal for Transitioning

A partial hospitalization program is great for transitioning from an inpatient rehab to the real world. It bridges the gap between 24/7 care and support and life outside rehab. With PHP, you'll access care and still be exposed to the outside world. Using the skills learned in rehab, you'll be able to adjust slowly to triggers in your environment. This is crucial in preventing relapse compared to leaving a residential program and integrating directly into society.

Support System

Addiction treatment has more chances of success when you have a support system. If you have supportive family members and friends, a PHP program might speed up your recovery. Being able to lean on your close loved ones can keep you grounded and focused on your treatment. That works wonders than the occasional visits and brief phone calls synonymous with a residential program.

Comprehensive PHP Treatment

Our partial hospitalization program in MA can be the perfect way to start your recovery journey. Our addiction specialists at Baystate Recovery Center will tailor your treatment plan according to your specific needs to ensure you reach your sobriety goals. Contact us to get help for your addiction:

Partial Hospitalization Program Ma
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Partial Hospitalization Program Ma
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