Tips to Enjoy a Sober Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. While many people emphasize going to parties to get drunk with friends, those who are living a sober lifestyle need to find ways that they can enjoy the festivities without turning to alcohol. Unfortunately, the holiday season is one of the times when people tend to overindulge in alcohol. Because of […]



What Medications Are Used to Help Treat Substance Abuse?

While the evidence that medications can help treat substance abuse and addiction has existed for decades, political opposition has often limited the treatment options available to those who suffer from addiction. After years of activism and advocacy on behalf of people who struggle with substance abuse disorder, these medications are increasingly becoming available to patients across […]


The 12 Step Program: Step 7

As you’ve worked your way through the 12-Step recovery program, you’ve probably noticed just how intertwined each step is with one another. As you embark on Step 7, pushing you over the hallway mark, the action that we discussed in step 6 continues. Each step is a milestone accomplishment for you to celebrate. Each step […]


How Corey Chose Sobriety Over Suffering

  Baystate Recovery Center encompasses the ideals of community, advocacy, and building strong, meaningful relationships with each patient. At Baystate, it really comes down to how we make patients feel from the moment they step in our doors until long after they’ve left. Corey, an alumni, discussed his time spent with the Baystate staff and […]


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’s Link to Addiction Treatment

  As you successfully move through your 12-step recovery program with Baystate, there are methods and therapies incorporated in your personalized treatment that allow for the best possible results aiming for a lifelong recovery goal. Integrating treatment and therapy plans is the most effective way to combat addiction. One proven therapy that aids in addiction […]


The 12 Step Program: Step One

You’ve taken the first step in changing the rest of your life when you decide to begin the 12-step recovery program. Step one, which may seem like the hardest, is the most important foundation to begin your recovery journey with Baystate Recovery Center. Step one states that, “we admitted we were powerless over our addiction […]


12 Step Program Overview

What is the 12 Step Program? We all have the power to overcome. With the right plan, the right support system, and the conscious actionable steps, we are able to take back control from the holds of addiction and prosper in the next season of our lives. As with many things in life, planning is […]