Life-Changing Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Massachusetts

Baystate Recovery Center provides dual diagnosis services for individuals living with a wide range of issues related to drug and alcohol addiction. It’s estimated that a total of 8.1 million adults live with drug or alcohol addiction and a mental illness in the United States. For people looking to recover from their addiction while also living with a mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment is essential. Dual diagnosis treatment in a Massachusetts facility can help to reduce the risk of relapses in the future and provides individuals with the resources that they need to ensure they can manage the symptoms of their mental illness without turning to drugs and alcohol. Baystate Recovery Center are leaders in the field of evidence-based dual diagnosis treatment that can help people throughout Massachusetts live a healthy drug-free lifestyle.

Why Choose Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Living with co-occurring disorders is a common feature among people who are residents at alcohol detox or drug rehab center. This is because substance abuse can often be triggered as a coping mechanism for the symptoms of mental health disorders. Also, mental health disorders can be exacerbated by substance abuse.

Because of this, some people with conditions such as anxiety and depression will often decide to self-medicate using drugs and alcohol in order to experience relief from their often-unbearable symptoms. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol often only offer a temporary respite from the symptoms of mental illness and in most cases can actually make existing symptoms worse. It’s because of this temporary respite, that people abusing drugs or alcohol often become addicted to these substances.

Drug and alcohol misuse and mental illness can also be linked in another way. The chronic use of drugs and alcohol can impact the way in which the brain functions and lead to chemical imbalances. These imbalances can eventually lead to mental illness. Excessive alcohol or drug misuse can cause individuals without a history of mental illness to develop conditions as a result of the impact that drugs and alcohol affect their brains. With an intensive therapy and detox program, these illnesses can often be managed.


As mentioned above, there are millions of adults in the United States who are living with a mental illness and addiction to alcohol or narcotics. As such, dual diagnosis is extremely prevalent in Massachusetts. The experts at Baystate Recovery Center teach patients how to manage their mental illnesses without relying on drugs or alcohol. After treatment is successful, patients go on to lead happy, normal lives with the general public.

How we Manage Dual Diagnosis Programs at Baystate Recovery Center

By combining evidence-based treatments such as medication and talking therapies, co-occurring disorders can be managed and treated in the most effective manner possible. Due to the unique nature of dual diagnosis, we tailor each plan to our individual patients as the correct treatment will depend on what substances are being misused and the personal situation of the patient.

“If I could drag people into Baystate, I would! They give you a path and show you how to walk it. Their program is head & shoulders above others. There is no other place that has the community & trust Baystate does.” – Mike S.

Our Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

Contingency management rewards patients with incentives when they continue to demonstrate and practice the healthy behaviors that will help them to become a functioning member of society again.
Our therapeutic communities also help patients readjust to the conventional lifestyle what they often leave behind when they become develop a mental illness and rely on drugs and alcohol.
CBT helps our patients change the way in which they think about their behavior and can help them to make smarter decisions in the future related to substance misuse.
Dialectical behavioral therapy helps our patients focus on more healthy coping mechanisms instead of destructive behaviors such as alcohol and drug misuse and self-harm.

Baystate Recovery Center's Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our team offers the latest, most effective treatments available in the industry today. We help every one of our patients recover from their conditions and are with them every step of the way on their journey. For people with a dual diagnosis, the team at Baystate Recovery Center are here to help achieve the lifestyle changes you desire and make the changes that you need in your life to help you live happily without misusing drugs or alcohol.