Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (or IOP) is a step-down form of drug and alcohol treatment that is less structured than Day Treatment (or PHP), and more structured than basic outpatient services. The purpose of IOP Treatment at Baystate Recovery Center is to provide our clients with the help they need while living at home, working, attending school or raising a family.

Our IOP treatment provides the same individual therapy, support and evidence-based care found in our higher level of care, arming our clients with the skills to overcome substance dependency and restore sobriety and balance to their lives and relationships.


Daytime IOP is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and will receive group and individual therapy up to 5 times per week – length of stay is based on individual need. The program meets for 3.5 hours and typically includes a minimum of two (2) sessions: A “Therapy Group” that allows individuals to address issues of current concern, and a “Skills Group” that focuses on recovery skills.


All clients at the IOP Treatment level of care are required to be drug and alcohol tested in order to monitor their continued sobriety.

“Working with Baystate allowed me to be in touch with my true self and enjoy being in my own skin. I’ve learned how to accept who I am and focus on being a good person and doing the right thing.” 

– Mike A.

If you feel that day treatment is right for you, we're ready to meet you where you are.

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