Outpatient Treatment

(OP) Outpatient Treatment is a form of individualized outpatient support that is less structured than (IOP) Intensive Outpatient Treatment, but offers similar supports for those individuals who may be juggling the responsibilities of life, such as; work, school, family, or child care. The purpose of (OP) Outpatient Treatment is to help a client maintain long-term recovery and improved quality of life.

This less intensive option provides individuals having time restrictions due to school, work, or family commitments to receive the treatment, guidance and support they need while fully transitioning into a state of optimal health. Our Outpatient Program is beneficial to those living at home, at school, or in a recovery residence to help guide a person to a life of purpose.

This level of care is ideal for people who are unable to take the time off from work or school, but still feel a need to engage in treatment to prevent the ongoing negative effects associated with continued substance use.

All clients at the (OP) Outpatient Treatment level of care are required to be drug and alcohol tested in order to monitor their continued sobriety.

“I tried to get sober on my own and it wouldn’t stick. At Baystate, you learn about taking accountability from the start and closely following The 12 Steps. My advice: take the plunge go all in. Your life is truly just beginning.”

– Kevin T.

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