How Mike Overcame Addiction and Found Sobriety


Everyone’s recovery journey is unique. At Baystate Recovery Center we understand that to our core. The road that led you to us has been difficult and winding. Baystate is a place for you to drop all the heavy baggage you’ve carried for so long. An alumnus of our program, and advocate for our services, Mike Adams, battled heroin addiction for many years. Coming to Baystate changed the trajectory of his life from the moment he decided to choose sobriety.


Mike’s Story


Mike, age 40, from Andover, Massachusetts, is proud to say that he is 2.5 years (and counting!) sober, thanks, in part, to Baystate. Prior to arriving in Beverly, he spent 15 years living in California where he was an active heroin addict working in the cannabis industry. Along with heroin, Mike also used cocaine and methamphetamines. Reflecting back on his experience with drug use, Mike recalls that he spent years upon years in the throes of addiction. He never faced a hiatus or a downturn in his use from the moment he started until he ended up at Baystate. 


Mike wasn’t the first to contact Baystate for help. In fact, when he went home to visit family in Massachusetts, they were the ones who introduced him to the program. He quickly gave up his life in California and went steadfast into a fresh start with Baystate’s team by his side. Admitting, even now, that sobriety was a slow process for him, both physically and mentally, he is grateful that his family stepped in when they found out about his addiction. He can’t imagine where he would be if they hadn’t.


Mike’s Best Baystate Memory


When asked about his favorite memory with Baystate, Mike candidly recalls all of the outside fun they were able to have completely sober. From attending Red Sox games to a Phish concert, the joy that togetherness brought him was insurmountable. He, along with others in the program, shared the struggle of addiction while also sharing the road to sobriety with Baystate. 


He loved the unconventional way that Baystate took to sobriety and credits his success to them pushing the envelope for those struggling with addiction. Those at Baystate have been through addiction so they understand what it takes to move past it and live a fulfilling sober life. Allowing them to attend public events reduced the anxiety they felt about doing so sober. Fun can still be had without the need for drugs or alcohol. 


Would you recommend Baystate to others struggling with addiction?


“Without a doubt! Baystate helps you regain your footing in life with programs that you can apply to your daily life,” Mike shared. The programs Mike worked through helped him feel more like himself than he ever had before. He found himself making healthy friendships, laughing more and enjoying the little things in life with the utmost appreciation. 



What would you say to those scared to seek treatment?


Mike: “It’s simple. Give yourself a chance at life. You don’t have to continue to struggle. It can be hard at first, but you don’t have to be a slave to the drug that you continue to chase. Your life will change for the better when you choose to be sober.”


What makes Baystate different?


Mike attributes much of his sobriety to Baystate’s use of the 12 Step Recovery Program. For Mike, step work has been instrumental in his sobriety journey. He has become more connected to his spirituality and committed to his overall progression. Daily, Mike, meditates, which keeps him grounded and focused on living his best possible life. 


How has your life changed since choosing Baystate for treatment?


Mike: “The change has been radical! I now enjoy being in my own skin. I am more in touch with who I am than ever before. With Baystate, I’ve learned to accept who I am and what I’ve gone through and focus on being a good person and doing the right thing moving forward.”