How Corey Chose Sobriety Over Suffering



Baystate Recovery Center encompasses the ideals of community, advocacy, and building strong, meaningful relationships with each patient. At Baystate, it really comes down to how we make patients feel from the moment they step in our doors until long after they’ve left. Corey, an alumni, discussed his time spent with the Baystate staff and attributes his sobriety, in part, to the relationships he built with the staff members there.

Corey’s Story

Corey, 30, used drugs for over 10 years and often found himself in and out of treatment facilities. He knew that he had a problem when it came to overcoming the holds of drug addiction, but couldn’t find a treatment plan that worked for him. Growing up in Massachusetts, he saw the impact of the opioid epidemic but noticed there weren’t many options for positive treatment. Enter Baystate. 

Why Baystate?

Corey wanted to live a sober life but wasn’t sure if he could remain sober for long. He decided to search the web for a solution and stumbled upon Baystate. He initially called in to pacify his mother’s wishes, but quickly felt at home when speaking to John Checchi. John’s genuine nature was felt through the phone. He was funny, caring, and down-to-earth, so Corey decided to put his sobriety in Baystate’s hands. 

Corey’s Best Baystate Memory

Corey: “After my very first day John took me out to lunch,” Corey said.  A simple, yet caring gesture helped him feel more at home with Baystate. Since then John has become family to Corey, almost like an older brother figure.  Not only did John give him the tools to stay sober, he also instilled positive life skills in the recovery process. John was always open to talk about any issues that weighed me (or others) down, from relationship issues, childhood trauma, or any other problem. Recovery is more than just getting over an addiction, it’s moving and growing from traumatic life experiences to be the best version of you.”

Would you recommend Baystate to others struggling with addiction?

Corey: “Absolutely! Their programs stand out from others. They do things differently and care so deeply for their patients. Most programs require you to attend AA or NA, but John, instead, instills the 12 Step Recovery Plan into his recovery regime so you can get the most out of your time at Baystate and move forward into a life of sobriety. The structure of Baystate’s program is second to none. You leave with the tools and resources you need to be successful.” 

What would you say to those considering Baystate? 

Corey: “They are the best program in New England. They took me in when I doubted my own ability to stay sober and believed in me. I suffered from anger issues and they turned me into a positive, productive member of society. I cannot thank them enough for how much they’ve turned my life around for the better. Knowing that they’ve experienced what we are going through with addiction gives you peace of mind and the realization that you are not alone. They understand, empathize, and help us be our best, sober selves.  Baystate is the best option!”

What would you say to those scared to seek treatment?

Corey: “Take the leap! The fear you have in your head, holding you back, goes away seconds after you walk through the doors at Baystate. You have to look fear in the face and choose sobriety over suffering. Overcoming your fear will lead you to a sober life which is the most important thing for you right now.”

How has your life changed since choosing Baystate for treatment?

Corey: “I look different. I feel different. I have confidence in my abilities now. In active addiction, I couldn’t hold a job for more than a month at a time. Now, I can count, on my hand, the number of days I’ve missed work. I went from being blacklisted in the financial world to a level of stability that feels great. I am currently in the process of shopping for a house. To say that my life has changed for the better since I found Baystate is an understatement. “



Baystate Recovery

Baystate Recovery

Baystate Recovery Center, a clinically Infused 12-Step Treatment Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction, was founded by two partners in addiction treatment services, John Checchi and Michael Wilson.