Drug addiction is a major problem in the United States.

Research suggests that 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. use illicit drugs on at least one occasion per month. The risks posed by regular use of opiate-based painkillers, heroin, and methamphetamine are a major factor in why so many lives are ruined by drug addiction every year. Treatment is available to help manage addiction to these substances and many others that is solely evidence-based and effective.

Baystate Recovery Center is a leading provider of drug addiction treatment in Massachusetts that serves all areas in the state including Boston.


Around 11 percent of people over the age of 12 in the United States have used drugs in the past month. While not all of these people are addicts, a large percentage either are or are on a slippery slope to addiction. Drug addiction is defined as chronic drug seeking and use despite the negative consequences associated with these actions. Long-term and persistent use of drugs can cause damage to the user’s brain that requires treatment at a professional rehab center.
Drug addiction can only be managed and treated by experienced professionals. Thankfully, the team at Baystate Recovery Center can provide the professional treatment required to help you or your loved one, and develop the range of personal skills required to manage the negative feelings in life without resorting to drug abuse. With the help of Massachusetts leading drug addiction treatment provider, you can build a sober future for you and your loved ones.

All You Need to Know About Science-Based Treatment

When living with drug addiction, science-based treatment is the number one way of accessing the long path to recovery. Whether it’s yourself or a loved one, you’ll want the very best in treatment options, and that’s the treatment available at Baystate Recovery Center. The addiction treatments offered here have undergone careful evaluation in clinical trials and have been fully tested for safety before being implemented into the routines at our recovery center.

“Through Baystate, my son learned how to be a man & how to be a good person. As an addict, my son never smiled. But now, he’s happy with his life & has a great sense of humor. Would I recommend Baystate to other parents? 12/10 YES!” – Sue O. (Alumni Mother)

The Science-Based Treatments we Offer to Fight Addiction

Some of the ways in which we treat drug addiction at Baystate Recovery Center includes:
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, often shortened to CBT, is an effective kind of talking therapy that allows patients to identify their harmful behaviors and give them the self-belief that they need to change their harmful attitude towards drug abuse.
  • Motivational enhancement therapy helps inspire patients to change their behavior and experience the long-term benefits that come with this change. This type of therapy helps patients focus on the future, stay in treatment for their addiction, and to stay sober for the foreseeable future.
  • Contingency management interventions are an effective means of helping patients stay sober by providing them with incentives and vouchers as a reward for practicing positive behaviors. By associating positive experiences with staying sober, patients are inspired to maintain their hard work.
  • The 12-step facilitation therapy is a popular method often employed by organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous that helps provide patients with the social support which they need in order to stay sober from drugs and alcohol.
  • Family therapy helps patients to improve their family dynamics while also helping to foster healthy home environments that are free from the negativity of drug abuse.
  • Dual diagnosis therapy helps patients to manage the struggles associated with co-occurring mental health disorders and drug addiction symptoms.

Drug Addiction Treatment with Baystate Recovery Center

Baystate Recovery Center is the premier drug addiction treatment center serving Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on our tailored rehab programs that matches each patient with the appropriate treatment based on their age, medical background, and the drug or drugs being misused. By carefully considering all of these factors, the team at Baystate Recovery Center ensures that patients experience a long and successful recovery from addiction.

The treatment methods employed by the team at Baystate Recovery Center ensures that patients are safe and equipped with the skills required for them to achieve long-term success in relation to sobriety. The high-quality services provided by Baystate Recovery Center are unparalleled in the Massachusetts area.